Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sprint 2 status

After a lot of responses have reached us, development has started with an agile approach. The status is for team members available via PivotalTracker, a story-based project planning tool. The sprint period is set at three weeks, at the end of which there is a executable version for the supported platforms. I hope that I can give some realistic prognoses after sprint 4 around the begin of April.

Supported platforms

Currently windows and Linux/Ubuntu are supported. Linux with just an executable, no fancy stuff and Windows through an installer. I hope to be at the head office of my company within three weeks. When I’m lucky this will give me access to a Mac and possible Mac Support.

WinGuide: Continuation of The Guide Version 2

The Guide seems to be more alive than ever. Not only is there involvement of developers on Version 3, but also is version 2 being continued. A direction a welcome very much as Version 3 is not yet available.  Checkout the site at Google.