Friday, January 8, 2010

V3 development started

A lot of people who are enthusiastic users of The Guide asked for new features and bug solving. After a period of silence  the development of a new version has started. Mahadevan, the original author of The Guide, found a new contributor in the person of Maurice B (Me).

At the moment the first code of V3 is shared in the development team :-) . The codebase has been prepared for new changes and the Windows Installer (NSIS) is used to create the first development version.

As we build the application on the Qt framework, we can install V3 no only on Windows, but Linux and Mac as well. The first two have our active attention, for Mac there is a vacancy.

Next steps are creating a product backlog, a request for features has been issued to the users group. Good responses are coming. Great, it’s always good to see it’s alive. In the mean time we’ll work on stabilizing the development process.

Further support

At the moment the development team is small, excellent for the time being as we’re just starting. Never the less I’m looking for further support for people who want to help use with:

  • Testing development versions, dirty job but somebody has to do it. Don’t expect to get an early version you can use for production guides! It’s just a way to see where the available version as weak spots and to get some user feedback.
  • Translations.
  • Apple development. Mainly verify the build process and functionality on the Mac.