Thursday, April 26, 2007

New in v1.6: Insert Date and Time

You can now insert the current date or time, with a single keystroke. Ctrl+D inserts the current date and Ctrl+T the time. The keys work with the text pane as well as while editing the node text.

The format of the date and time so inserted is configurable via the preferences page:

You can override the system default formats and choose custom date/time formats, so that you can have Ctrl+D insert the string "26-Apr: " for example. Here are the dialogs where you can configure this:

The codes used here are the same as those used in the "Regional and Language Options" control panel applet.

So -- do you like it? Personally, I tend use The Guide as a journal frequently, with each node representing a day's notes. The insert date feature would be quite handy in this case.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New in v1.6: Minimize, save, backup options

Here are some more options, that are now configurable:

Minimizing: It is now possible to minimize The Guide using the 'X' button or the 'Esc' key. The "Use System Tray" menu entry has been moved here.

Saving: Options for:

  • Automatically saving the current document (if there are modifications) every 'n' minutes. Not applicable for documents without filenames yet ("Untitled").
  • Automatically saving the document, when the document is closed (i.e., when another one is opened) or when the application exits.

Backup: .gde files will be backed up when they are opened (x.gde -> x.bak).

Like them? Do let me know!

Let me also thank all of you who wrote, and keep writing, to me about what you'd like to see in The Guide. Nearly all features that appear here are the result of your mails. Keep writing!