Thursday, April 26, 2007

New in v1.6: Insert Date and Time

You can now insert the current date or time, with a single keystroke. Ctrl+D inserts the current date and Ctrl+T the time. The keys work with the text pane as well as while editing the node text.

The format of the date and time so inserted is configurable via the preferences page:

You can override the system default formats and choose custom date/time formats, so that you can have Ctrl+D insert the string "26-Apr: " for example. Here are the dialogs where you can configure this:

The codes used here are the same as those used in the "Regional and Language Options" control panel applet.

So -- do you like it? Personally, I tend use The Guide as a journal frequently, with each node representing a day's notes. The insert date feature would be quite handy in this case.


patricio said...

Hi Mahadevan R.

To insert Date and Time and to setting it according to the requirements of each user sound perfect. So, I could fix the following date: MMMMMMMMMM dd, yyyy?

The names of the months are taken from the existing Regional configuration in OS.Windows?

I will thank for its answer

patricio said...

Hi Mahadevan R.

It is possible to implement for the program the following things:

1. To create Alphabetical List (A. Z), that was generated automatically.
Example 1:
LIST (main tree)
....... A (node)
....... Z (node)

2. To create a Calendar that was generated automatically: Example 2:
....... 01 (day name)
...... 30 (day name)

previously the wished List would be setting, with the rank of required day, date of beginning, date of term, year

What thinks about this suggestion?


Mahadevan R said...

Hi Patricio,

Regarding the format, the string "MMMM dd, yyyy" would expand to "April 29, 2007". Other examples:

"MMM dd, yyyy" => "Apr 29, 2007"
"MMMM MMMM dd, yyyy" => "April April 29, 2007"

The names will be localized, i.e., it would appear in the language used by Windows. "MMMM" would be "avril" if your OS talks French (or "Abril" if Spanish).

Regarding the second comment, I'm sorry I didn't quite get your point. Is it to automatically create nodes one for each day of the month? Or to sort the nodes alphabetically?


patricio said...

Hi Mahadevan R.

The idea of the LISTS, fundamentally is the one to have more options, only that, would be interesting that the program automatically generated a List, that could be:
a) an automatic List of nodes named from A to Z (for example, it would serve for a list of Contacts), or
b) a LIST CALENDAR, specifying the rank (days, month, complete year) that could be used for a “ToDo List”.

This option I have seen it working in another application, call “AmlPages” (, (that is most interesting than it incorporates), and works enough good. For that reason I thought that it could be novel to comment it and to suggest it for “The Guide”.