Saturday, May 5, 2007

v1.6 Release Candidate 1

It's a fresh, beautiful Saturday in Bangalore, and looks ideal to declare a feature complete of v1.6! I'll put up the release candidate 1.6rc1 this weekend. Here are the changes after v1.5:

v1.6rc1, xx-May-2007:

  • Print, print preview and export for single node, subtree or entire document.
  • Auto save on close (configurable).
  • Auto save every 'n' minutes (configurable).
  • Automatically create backups while opening (configurable).
  • Single-click (configurable) restore from tray.
  • Minimize options: Minimize on 'X' button, on 'Esc' key.
  • Drag-drop revamp: no more menus on drop! Drag moves, ctrl+drag copies.
  • Insert date/time, with customizable formats.
  • New Office 2003-style foreground/background color selectors.
  • Remember custom colors across sessions.
  • Line, character counts on the status bar.
  • Child node count on the status bar.
  • Expand all/Collapse all entries in tree menu.
  • Prevent simultaneous edit of same .gde file.
  • Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+K strikethrough, Ctrl+, preferences.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Ctrl+C/X/V while renaming nodes
  • Fixed handle leak in print preferences dialog
  • Minimize then exit prevented window from showing up correctly next time
  • Heading numbers > 10 would be reversed ("1.10" => "1.01")

The sorting of nodes didn't make it for technical reasons, sorry about that.


patricio said...

Hi Mahadevan R.

WONDERFUL!!! When we will be able to download the version 1.6r1?


Mahadevan R said...

Hi Patricio,

It is available now:

Have fun!