Wednesday, May 9, 2007

User's group, anyone?

The Guide has over 500 downloads a month. A few users correspond regularly with me, mainly regarding the new features they'd like to see in future versions. The user community of Guide is picking up, going by the frequency of these interactions.

Would you guys like a forum to discuss Guide-related issues? A mailing list or a web forum?

Let me know. If there are enough votes, I'll set one up.

BTW, did you all like 1.6rc1? I've had some feedback, including 1 bug so far.


Luke H said...

A user forum would be a great way to centralize communication and feedback for The Guide. It would be nice to hear how others are using the program as well, maybe give us all some new ideas on how to use it!

les said...

I also vote for a user forum.

I'm glad to hear that the community is growing. This is a great application.

I'm using 1.6rc1 and have not had any problems so far.

patricio said...

Hi Mahadevan !

To my I like the idea of a Forum Discussion, by Subjects:
a) Announcements for Announcements and news of the Administrator Developer,
b) Problems, to specify problems of the users with the use of the program,
c) Suggestions (to specify new suggestions of the users).

The site would have to have facilities for upload and to keep images (like hosting) and that these can be shown in the forum (image Link code).


Anonymous said...

There appears to be a bug with formatting of lists.

When I create a numbered list, the last numbered item has a larger, bolded number instead of the normal formatting for all the other item numbers.

admin1 said...

I guess that would be fine. But I don't see any big problems with the program. Once I got used to the shortcut keys everything works fine. Great program. Thanks.

One suggestion: would it be possible to add a simple outliner on the editing pane?

Nitin said...

A user group would be great.
Especially if the group has rights to vote for their favorite enhancements..