Saturday, August 9, 2008

2.0 Beta 1

2.0 beta 1 was released today. It fixes a couple of minor bugs since 2.0dev4, but otherwise there are no major changes. No major changes are expected further for 2.0 also -- only fixes for newly-found bugs will be included.

The 2.0 line should be fairly stable by now. 2.0dev4 has had 1100+ downloads from sourceforge alone, and no serious bugs have been reported.

Do let me know any bugs that you come across, and it can be fixed before 2.0 release. Unless there are any major troubles, the next release would be 2.0 final, probably in a couple of weeks time.

This release also ensures that the application picks up all the UI text from resource files, so that localization is possible. If you're interested in translating The Guide to your native language (or any language!) do let me know.

Thanks are due to the patient users of The Guide, for encouraging the development and spreading the word -- Thank You!


Mike Smack said...

I love The Guide so far - I'm a new user!

I was a user of ActionOutline but it's not being supported by the author.

Thanks for your continued updates of The Guide!

Florin Florea said...

I am using The Guide for some time now.
I am very happy with it and I will enjoy the updates.

I would also like to suggest some things for future updates:
- images from the guide file would be great to export to RTF too.
- export to CHM would be amasingly upgrade (one file to be viewed on any PC with all its nodes and tree etc).

Thanks for now and please keep up the good work.

lucamagna said...

Nice program, simple and usefull.
Just a "nice to have": tag management, i.e the possibility to attach to any item one (or more) keyword(s)

Mike Smack said...

It'd be great to be able to insert a horizontal line into your document.

Anonymous said...

It'd be great to be able to insert a horizontal line into your document.

Yes it would be nice

Mahadevan R said...


That's not possible directly in RTF. Word uses an image / a paragraph with bottom border set.

The best option seems to be a sequence of spaces with underline turned on.