Saturday, December 13, 2008

v2.0 Released.

The long journey of v2.0 comes to a conclusion today, with it's release. It's mostly the same as v2.0beta1, with a few bug fixes. Thanks to all for the encouraging words and the patience.

Wish you all happy holidays; enjoy The Guide!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thank you!

roberto said...

Very nice piece of mind tool!
Thank you very much. Now I am playing with it.

Anonymous said...

Nice and clean app! Well done and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Excellent software, thank you.

kwbrayton said...

This is simply a wonderful tool that I use every day. Thank you so much for making it available. Love it!

Clint Laskowski said...

How about the ability to add columns and be able to sort or filter on them? Like OmniOutliner?

Anonymous said...

I am a KeyNote user and have been looking for a similar software for a while. I like the interface in the Guide and its support to Unicode encoding is a plus to me. I wonder whether you would consider adding a feature of tab window, ie multi-note for the same file.

Mojo said...

Hi Mahadevan

Today, after trying almost 20 outliners, I realise that The Guide is the most optimal.

This is my experience - future suggestions:

1. Auto detect hyperlinks - pasting 10 urls then manualy hyperlinking them is very time consuming
2. Trash node(page) - when deleted (without confirmations) all pages will first go to this Trash page (like in Opera)
3. Auto rename - text "New page" will be replaced with the text from the first row of that page
4. Option to hide lines (and icons) - I always make just top-level pages so these dot lines from left pane (next to icons) just take space
5. Option to change default icons globally for main and child page
6. Option to choose between current normal title bar and thin title bar which has just small x in the right corner (no text, no min, max).

Anyway, thank you for sharing with us your app, it's really great.

Anonymous said...

The Guide is fantastic.

Much better than the others.

My advice - don't bloat it with lots and lots of features. It has enough. It is the perfect lightweight tool.

Shibu TN said...

This software is now under my "most used software in a day", along with UltraEdit, XYplorer, EscapeClose Pro, etc..
My long dream of having a "export to XML" feature has come true in this release.

Thanks for this great software.
People ask for more and more features. I think you should try your best to keep it bloat-free


Alex Dukal said...

Thanks for this fantastic, simply and portable piece of software. Luv it!

Anonymous said...

This is a very good Tool.
Can we use GNU Aspell as spell checker?


fuxx said...

tried to launch it from wine on linux
and got "Failed to create empty document."
without any explanations. Is it possible to make The Guide work under wine?

Anonymous said...

can't wait until you create a sync button to organize on web can't wait until you have something like foxmarks

Anton said...

Hi Mahadevan,
a great job you have done.
However, are you still working on it? Seems, after 2.0 no news at all...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The only issue I have found is that the clipboard does not work if renaming a page. (Usefull to paste a name, or to copy it)

Before using The Guide I used "Explorer & Notepad". I have got a directory structure with many simple text files stored in it.
I would like to import it in one rush. (For example into a specified page)
Another wish would be to export that way.

The Guide is the tool I've been looking for! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to merge two guides.
For example I would like to merge a tree from my Notebook into my PC. (Clipboard Cut and Copy doesn't work on trees)

Anonymous said...

I tried to build The Guide v2.0 with Visual C++ Express 2008. The result: "afxwin.h": No such file or directory
Is there no way to get around this and build The Guide with free tools?

Anonymous said...

There are 3 features which I really, really miss:

1. picture support
2. table support
3. template support

except this, it is a fantastic program. I hope these features come in the next version. The guide would be my program: Simple and effective.

Thx for your work!!!

Petschbot said...

Fantastic Tool, just switched from Bonsai after trying lots of Outliners

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment on how amazing this program is. I tried literally 10-15 other similar programs, but none of them were as good as this one... The Guide has the most fast, efficient & clean interface of them all!

I especially like how the export feature outputs an entire set of nodes into a neatly organized RTF file... it's very well done! None of the other programs I tried did as good of a job exporting!

Will there be any future versions? I really look forward to it!