Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sprint 2 status

After a lot of responses have reached us, development has started with an agile approach. The status is for team members available via PivotalTracker, a story-based project planning tool. The sprint period is set at three weeks, at the end of which there is a executable version for the supported platforms. I hope that I can give some realistic prognoses after sprint 4 around the begin of April.

Supported platforms

Currently windows and Linux/Ubuntu are supported. Linux with just an executable, no fancy stuff and Windows through an installer. I hope to be at the head office of my company within three weeks. When I’m lucky this will give me access to a Mac and possible Mac Support.

WinGuide: Continuation of The Guide Version 2

The Guide seems to be more alive than ever. Not only is there involvement of developers on Version 3, but also is version 2 being continued. A direction a welcome very much as Version 3 is not yet available.  Checkout the site at Google.


Chilly said...

I'm really happy to see the Guide-project to be still alive and moreover even active in progress. Thank you for your work, keep it up, it's highly appreciated! Cheers, a happy Guide-user in Central Europe

Anonymous said...

I am also eagerly awaiting all the goodness-to-come in the Guide Ver. 3.0.

I also hope you guys can make a portable version - that would be really cool and helpful for those of us who don't have the luxury of being able to win-install on our PCs or have mucho-many PCs to work on...Yay for USB keys !

Like Chilly said - "it is appreciated"

Nima Hejazi said...

I'm still waiting for it. Please update how the project is going on. Hope to see the new version soon.

Voice of Reason said...

Any further update on this project. I was hoping to see V3 release sometime in the 1st half of this year. Any chance that 2nd half might see the release of V3?

aFan said...

I did not find any link to the linux executable. Where can it be found?
Thank you to much - I am working with TheGuide every day!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just learned to know "The Guide" today and I already like it so much that I don't want to miss it anymore.

I hope for one thing to be working in V3 that I cannot get to work in the current release:
Inserted images will not appear in prints or RTF exports.

Thanks for this great software!

Anonymous said...

what can i do, if guideile is destroyed by "the end of free disk space"? rename is not decision.

Anonymous said...

Any chance that you guys will have some image support next time around? What about code snippet support, too? This would be HUGE...

Anonymous said...

I'm very enthusiastic about The Guide. It's a very useful and neat piece of software. There is nothing like it in OpenOffice or other Office applications.
Your tool really helps to deal creatively with data and to organize knowledge.
Feature Requests:
- Import/export function for Excel Tables (or .csv), hierarchy expressed in tables.
- The existing RTF-Export should include pictures in the RTF-Export-File.
- Include and exclude certain (or all) headings (blank nodes in the tree).
I hope your developer team is still active?

Anonymous said...

Are you guys still working on this or what?

Manuel said...

Is The Guide project dead? If you have decided to drop it, perhaps you should consider making it open source, as there are loads of users who have been screeming for some much needed basic functionality to be added, but no signs of development are apparent since 2008.

The Guide is the one program I use literally EVERY SINGLE DAY: it's simple, neat, effective and very useful. We all love you for making The Guide happen. So please don't let it die!


Joel said...

The Guide might as well be open source. Although I do know a handful of open source programs, in general I'm against open source programs for this reason - they always get dropped. I hate it. That's why I'm willing to invest to pay for good software - that way, it'll be here tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Great Program. I use it to store all my data and to create user manuals.

Is there an Android version in the pipeline. If I had this on my tablet I could get rid of several apps.

Uniredes said...

Did someone use TuxCards for Linux ? It´s great !

The guide is very simple and this is it´s best quality. I like it and use it. But I wonder if this project must merge with Tux Cards.