Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Development Release 3 of v2.0

2.0dev3 is out.

The main feature in this release is the portable mode support. When in the portable mode, Guide will save (and load) preferences to a .ini file (that lives alongside guide.exe). To use the portable mode, either enable it from the preferences dialog:

-OR- open up guide.ini (this is just a text file) from the same directory as guide.exe. You should see something like:


change portable=0 to portable=1 to enable the portable mode.

There are a few other intutive improvements too -- remembering node state, the first visible line per node, search dialog improvements, better east asian language support etc.

So download, have fun, but remember this is an alpha release! Enjoy!

Links: 20dev page, download page.


Anonymous said...

Just checked out the new development release and found a bug in the print and export function: as soon as you have more than 5 header levels the text is formatted automatically in huge letters using the standard program font.
Maybe header settings "for all levels 5 and higher" would help ...

Mahadevan R said...

Argh! Yes! Fixed. Level 5 style is used for all higher levels now.