Sunday, November 11, 2007

Icons, icons, icons!

Node icons has been a long-requested (and long pending!) feature. It will finally appear in the next release. Here is a preview:

There are forty icons (well, one is the default, so that's 39 actually) for you to play with. The icons themselves are from the "silk icon set" from Mark James.

I replaced the regular book/page icons also with nicer-looking true color icons from the silk icon set.

So, as usual, do let me know your thoughts. Oh, and the set of icons will be fixed (at least for now), so if there are any suggestions for new icons, do let me know before v2.0!


S said...

thanks for the great application! :)

i have a feature proposition though.

it would be great to have a mode for entire, continuous text outlining.
in this mode, on the right panel, text of the current node AND of all of it's child-nodes (recursively) should be displayed.

this mode could be triggered for all nodes at once, or set as a flag for individual nodes.

I couldn't find such feature in any organizer or outliner software. All of them stick to either having a tree of nodes and diplaying text of single node(like "The Guide"), OR coutinuous text outlining without tree of nodes. and never both.


so this combination of intrinsic and extrinsic will make "The Guide" really unique :)

Till said...

The icons is definitely a great additional feature.
Just one remark: ever thought of a checkbox icons that can be checked and unchecked? Would help using The Guide as a task list as well ...

By the way: The Guide is really an excellent application - not overloaded, has everything an outliner should have and it works with high stability (esp. with regard to RTF formatting). Thanks a lot for that great piece of software.

Mahadevan R said...


This had come up before, but the file format in v1.x couldn't handle it. In 2.0 it is possible, so let me check it out again.

chris said...

I really like the idea of having check boxes that you can check and uncheck.

Dixius99 said...

I love the feature of having different icons, and the Silk icons look great!

Anonymous said...

please let people attach his own icons